Northeast Community Band

About Us

The Northeast Community Band brings together amateur musicians of all ages and a wide variety of abilities, for fun and to promote musical education.

The organization was founded in 1998 by director Tim Martin, band director.

Martin himself is a product of Minneapolis public schools, a graduate of South High. He also has a trumpet performance degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University and a Bachelors of Music Education Degree from the University of Minnesota.

There are over two dozen regular members who show up to play in the band room at Edison on Thursday nights, including a handful of the director’s current and former students.

Haven’t read music since your high school or college days? Don’t worry. While players should know how to read their parts (perfection is not required), there is a fair amount of group instruction that goes on during the evening. In fact, with some practice outside of band rehearsals, you will be surprised how quickly your reading skills will return.

We are also legally registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our Board consists of:

  • President:

    • Amy (Flutes)

  • Vice President:

    • Alex (Clarinets)

  • Treasurer:

    • Hannah (Bassoons)

  • Secretary :

    • Jenny (Flutes)

  • Librarian:

    • Cindy (Flutes)

  • Members at Large:

    • Dave (Saxophones)

    • Siri (Bass Clarinets)

    • Sarah (Flutes)

    • Jessica (Flutes)

  • Conductor:

    • Tim (High School Band Director and Trumpets)

  • Assistant Conductor:

    • Michael (Oboes)